Introduction of Technology- History, Invention, Advantages and Development

Technology, the word which is used in the recent years. Life changes, as we know we all are surrounded by technology, not only we I mean the entire world is surrounded by the technology. If you see any sector or any industry around you, which is running with technology. Why should we go long just see in our homes? Like television (T.V), mobile phones, computers and many more. We feel very lucky that we all seen how landline phone became mobile, how Black & White T.V. became color T.V.s not only color T.V.s but also became LEDs, OLEDs, HDs, Curved and many more. Let us see the computers…Basically, the computer was not the invention first, its started from an abacus it’s for calculation only, from there scientist invented calculators and then the computers. 

Technology, we all in the starting era of it, as we can say that, we are the first generation of technology. Just get back to the years of our childhood, have we seen the computer, have we seen the mobile phone, have we seen the digital camera, have we seen C.D players or any other device that we feel wow in that time. Year of the 1960s, 1970s,  and 1980s also, 90% of work was done manually and remaining 10% was done mechanically not complete technology, after the year 1990s we came to know that something was started that time, what was it, nothing but the revolution of technology. From that time I feel the technology was, colored television and many more channels in T.V. Once upon a time we have only one channel (in India) that was nothing but Doordarshan. Now come back to present time (the year 2018 )we have hundreds of T.V channels, movies, News, sports and much more entertainment channels. 
Till now I am telling about the technology which we surrounded and we feel that it is latest and updated. For your kind information present, we use the technology is just one decade(10 years) back or more. I think all are shocked, let’s tell you a simple example have you seen latest Hollywood movies like Iron Man, Fast & Furious, Terminator, Mission Impossible and many more. They use the advanced technology which is already invented, then why it’s not available for us. Because it is in the hands of scientists and moreover it is expensive too. So a common human being cannot afford it. Scientists are working on it make useful to all and affordable also.

Technology, where it started I think nobody knows, someone says wheel changed it. Once upon a time wheel was made of wood later iron and now rubber with the support of iron, steel, and many more metals. This is also technology. We all think technology is only computers, mobile phones, and televisions, that’s all. No, not only this is it. It’s quite different we think because of scientists already use the latest and advanced technology. Once going back to some time in the year when first rocket was launched and the first man to step on the moon and many more in space technology and what about of in the field of Medical science and about manufacturing companies. There they already use the advanced technology.

When the revolution of technology started all are crazy about it and gathering them. Radio, when I was a child, that time most of the people interested in it. That time it is mainly used for listen news songs and dramas. It was damn popular that time, they feel like status symbol also. After some time television took the place of radio. Now people not only can hear but also see the picture. Landline phones are that time big thing of technology and I don’t think most of the people know the word “Technology“. The word “Technology” was heard after the Computers and Mobile Phones entered the market. Then people feel the technology is coming but they didn’t feel it will change the entire world one day. Just think in our present time without it we cannot survive our daily life.

In India, the technology started slowly but became very fast in few years. People were accepting the things and understanding the technology as well. Starting technology in India, slow because of the price was very high, within a few years the objects related to technology price came down so even a poor can afford it. 

Not only in India but also the entire world felt that there are many advantages of technology in our daily life. They started inventing new products to be more useful for all.

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